Our Story


We believe that through play-based learning programs, the children are given the opportunity to develop their social, emotional, physical and intellectuel selves in a safe and caring environment. Our dedicated educators see their role as facilitators who guide children to build confidence and self-esteem, develop self-awareness, and to fit into the society and the world through children’s inquiries.

Quality Childcare Experience

Distinctive Location

We are situated steps away from Mosquito Creek Park where we fulfill Environmental Education for children to learn from and connect with nature. Delbrook Park with large playground and sport field, on block away from the centre, also provide a rich outdoor learning experience for our students. Contact us to schedule a private tour of Delbrook Wonderland Academy. 

Healthy Learning Environment

The young minds are nurtured in our centre – a space that has wide-open windows to let an abundance of natural light in the rooms and airy environment filled with examples of work that they are aspired to do. Children have fun, and stimulate their imagination and creativity in a variety of theme-based learning areas while given the choices of participating in group activities and focusing on their own interest of learning.

Innovative Curriculum

We believe that rich and quality learning experience results in significant and substantial better learning outcomes. Learning Lab, an essential part of the curriculum, is the true innovation. It engages our children in a learner-centered, competency-based, and active learning experience – the framework that specifies critical thinking, as well as a deep, connected and relevant learning in all subjects.
Our ethnic teachers evaluate and implement new learning subjects to our curriculum every three months to guarantee a rich and the best learning experience.