We have a team of experienced teachers who are both caring and knowledgeable. Their unique academic background and continuous professional development training are the premise to our reputation in guiding children’s social and learning behaviour.

Gloria G.


Gloria was born in a family of three generations of educators. Since 2005, she has been devoted to teaching, developing educational programs for different age groups and teacher training. She completed her Master’s Degree of Education at Simon Fraser University. 

She has served as an educator and administrator in private and public educational institutions in China and Canada, besides coordinating the Sino-Canadian High School Program for Nova Scotia Department of Education. Gloria also assisted many students with learning difficulties to improve their overall academic performance, and successfully prepared them for admission into the world's best universities, including IVY League universities in the United States of America.

Gloria was inspired to get into early childhood education following her research on academic learning behavior that the lack of appropriate support and necessary learning resources in early age has dire consequence to a child’s learning behavior in teenage. With her many years of working experience and robust academic background, Gloria is well-prepared to provide rich and quality educational programs for the young minds.

She believes: Education Carves A Way to Success

Tracey G.


She was born and raised on the North Shore and have a strong sense of community. After an exciting and successful career designing restaurants and hotels internationally, She discovered her most fulfilling and rewarding role in raising her two amazing daughters.

As a mother, natural educator and certified volleyball coach for 15 consecutive years, she knows the importance of building self confidence and self-esteem. She has an extensive background mentoring and working with children and, she take great pleasure not only in physically training them but providing a positive/encouraging atmosphere while promoting development in leadership, teamwork, growth, coping and communication skills.

She loves working with children and young adults and find great pleasure in observing and aiding in their development as well as creating a unique and lasting bond with each child.

Alexandra B.


Alex is an understanding, funny and compassionate teacher to have on our team. She first started with us as a practicum student, and later became a member of our community. She has performed as a classroom teacher, though now she is our Support Teacher. She works closely and monitors students to build strong relationships and connections and help guide students in the right direction.

In a short but productive career, she has graduated from high school and is now moving forward to become a Special Education Assistant to further support students. Alexandra’s caring nature and people skills have given her the ability to understand students and know how to react accordingly to critical situations. “My Philosophy as an Educator is that all children are unique, and this affects how they learn. All children learn in different ways and at a different pace; as an Educator, I advocate for making adjustments, and changes in the standard curriculum to ensure students' potential and success. In my career as an Educator, I will provide a safe and inclusive environment where all students are welcome to share their unique ideas, thoughts and goals.”

Shweta N.


Shweta has worked as an ECE in childcare field for years. She is passionate about providing guidance for children to develop skills and helo them become confident young adults. She develops a unique teaching approach base on Play-based Frame Work and her experience working with preschoolers.

She believes that Nature and Play are the best educational resource for the asborbent minds. when children interact with nature, it gives them the opportunity to explore and discover. Nature can motivate children’s natural curiosity and also leads to better emotional, physical and mental health. Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is essential for healthy brain development. Children can also engageand interact with the world around them through play.